Product Experience #1 is an audio-visual exploration of the human body's sensory reaction to specific commercial imagery. I plumbed the archives of French television and video sites for deteriorated footage and combined it with a cyclical sound design to generate a seamless piece. PE#1 is essentially a time-worn, visually compressed distillation of my strong childhood audio-visual triggers that function as a form of hypnosis, bypassing the audience's mind to access a more visceral physiological reaction of sensory intimacy not unlike that experienced by adepts of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). An ode to unfulfilled obsession, a nod to the sensual side of consumption, PE#1 exists in the liminal space between pleasure and dread.

MUSIC : Matthew Delatorre /

archive digging - youtube + ina

thanks to Julian Feeld for mouth sounds